Greenwood HUD Home – Deadline Looming!

When we are forced with a deadline, all things seem to either come together, or fall apart based on your approach. I find that if you have a passion for what you are seeking and are truly following your heart, it won’t steer you wrong. You just need to know how to read yourself. I have bought hundreds of homes, and I know that I am all in, or all out. You have to know that, or you shouldn’t pull the trigger. This is that house. This Greenwood HUD home is in an awesome community with great pricing. That means that when you fix it up and decide to sell in five years you can be confident that your value will still be there and that you made a great decision. Take a look at the virtual tour and then give me a call to go see it. The deadline for Owner Occupants is up on November 7th. It is imperative to act prior to that date. Call me today – 317-345-6182

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