Spring Market Booming in February?

I’m not sure if you are feeling a little more energized lately, but I know that I am. I will fully admit that the cold temperatures frighten me and make me want to stay inside all day. Go ahead and call me out….I am fully aware that this is one area in life where Manly does not describe how I feel and/or react to cold temperatures. February has brought us some crazy warm temperatures and I just don’t know if spring is hear to stay or if it’s just messing with us.

My hope is that Spring is here to stay. As far as I can tell, I believe that the Spring market has felt like the weather too and has started coming out of it’s hibernation. Our winter has been very mild and I don’t want to complain, but I’m still hopeful for 72 and sunny every single day.

Sure Spring real estate market just keeps surprising me more and more. It seems that at some points in the winter you see agents just wishing people would call and then those same agents are now wishing those people that are calling would stop. It’s a dirty roller coaster cycle in this crazy real estate game. Life is full of ups and downs just like real estate. We must take the good with the bad. Hey, it’s February 21st, be thankful you aren’t a CPA right now. I don’t think those guys will sleep for the next 3 weeks. If you are a CPA, you probably should be working and not reading this…..get back to work :)

Here are just a few videos of some of the fantastic properties that we listed last week. Golf lovers will enjoy this home in a golf community and in Perry Township.  If you prefer to be in a community with your peers, this town home is located in a 55+ community and is move in ready and has been meticulously maintained. Lastly, you may want to be where all the action is. This is a great spot that meets all the location needs for someone needing downtown access, or loves the Broadripple scene. Come see this Meridian Kessler home with an amazing feel.

If you are interested in some more information on any of them, give us a call today. 317-622-4040


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