Flowers Turn A House Into A Home

Even the biggest, most beautiful house on the block can sometimes seem like an empty shell. It’s amazing how much beauty just a few flowers can add to the overall look of the property as well as the curb appeal from anyone driving by the house. Well landscaped and cared-for flower beds on your property will be appreciated by just about everyone that sees them, yourself and neighbors included.

New Home ConstructionSome flowers can even be planted before the house is finished.

The gardener will have to be careful when planning and planting spots of outdoor color for a house, but it can be done. The above house, for example, was begun in October, which is prime spring bulb planting time. It was finished in January, and the people moved in. It took a long time for the lawn to be lush and green, but the spring bulbs planted months before came up, giving the homeowners some color on their bare lawn, and some hope for more color! A prospective buyer would also take note – and hope- of the proof of springtime beauty that will last forever.

Spring Bulbs Breaking Through Soil

Prospective home buyers are on the lookout for proof of care and even love for a house, no matter time of year they are seeking Even early in the spring, as now, there are ways to add touches of homelike color to a house’s exterior. Buyers like to see evidence that the dwelling in which they are interested was more than a house – it was a home, and would make a good home for them, too.

Rock Wall Flower BedIf there is a planter on the property, it should be, weather permitting, full of flowers. Flowers provide color, and even though most buyers are mainly interested in the inside, evidence of care and love on the outside are noticed and appreciated.

If there is a koi pond, or any other kind of small decorative water pond on the property, a water lily bud is a promise of future blossoming, and also shows that the pond has been cared for.

Water Lilly Bulb

Blooming tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, and flowering spring trees such as dogwood and redbud are also proof that someone cared greatly about the beauty and maintenance of the outside of the property.

Blooming DogwoodThe difference between a house with a few artistically placed and colorful flowers and flowering trees is the difference between a listing that is a raw new house, and a listing that is a prospective home. Landscaping is more than shrubs and greenery. Those are nice, of course, but it is the touches of color that make a house’s exterior turn the whole house into a home, and buyers are seeking a home.

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