HUD Homes

HUD Official SealWhat Does HUD Mean?

HUD (Housing and Urban Development) partners with FHA (Federal Housing Administration) to help prospective homeowners buy a house by insuring the loan.  This helps people who might not otherwise qualify to be homeowners to purchase a house, turn it into a home, and get a sort of clean slate credit-wise when it comes to being trusted with a loan.  HUD properties are also popular with anyone who wants a home to live in or to resell or for investment purposes – in short, anyone, and for any reason!

Of course, things do happen, both ways, but if the worst possible scenario does happen, and the new homeowner cannot pay back the loan, this kind of loan is insured.

Who Lists HUD Homes When They Become Available?

Prospective homeowners can find HUD properties by checking with a reputable Real Estate agent, who will then check with  All HUD properties in this state are handled by Sage Acquisitions (  The Red Oak Real Estate Group is a HUD listing broker that can help buyers pursue a HUD property to turn into their dream home.

Can I Buy A HUD Home?

Prospective buyers interested in purchasing a HUD home must work directly with a HUD registered Selling Broker.  Check active HUD listings on our website or

Do I Have to Have a Realtor to Buy A HUD Home?

Do not try to visit a HUD property without your Realtor; if you try to do this by yourself, you can be arrested for trespassing on government property – which is what a HUD property is.

When you access the HUD listings on, you will be walked through the website so the directions are very clear.  Be sure you pay particular attention to the bid submissions deadline; these are adhered to very strictly.

The information you will get on a HUD listing is exactly like the information on any MLS listing as to number of bedrooms/bathrooms, property design/style, square footage, parking, outdoor assets such as decks, pools, ponds, woods, etc.

You will be advised to get a home inspection.  This is essential for any kind of home purchase.