Sell Your Home

As you know, technology is the future and it is getting bigger and bigger every day. We know that more than 90% of all homeowners start their  home search on the internet.  But do you know that smartphones are the wave of the future?  Smartphone sales have soared and have now surpassed PC sales.  What this means is that technology is at everyone’s fingertips and for the most part, in everyone’s pocket.  According to emarketer, as of August of 2011, 45.6% of the population and 58% of mobile phone users in the United States have smartphones.

Considering that our world is technologically driven, Red Oak Real Estate Group must also be.  When you are selling your home, your home will be exposed to more than 30 different websites for potential buyers to find your home. With homeowner approval, we will also take a video walk-thru of your home and post on YouTube and Craigslist. Today, people are driven by visual images and videos are an extremely powerful method to market your home. We will also send out a professional photographer to capture your home through still images.

By completing these steps and using this form of marketing, Red Oak Real Estate Group is able to showcase your home in different venues to many different buyers, which enhances the ability of a shorter marketing time.